Get Going

Get Going program is created to help you overcome the setback of a broken relationship/marriage and lead a healthier, happier, fulfilled life.



Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching is for people who are working in corporate. I am passionate of working with people who aspire to achieve more than their present achievement. This program will make you ready to improve your relationships with your colleagues/boss, communication skills and also help you get the promotion you so deserve.


Employee Awareness Coaching

This program is designed to cater the needs of junior to manager level employees. This program is on retainer ship basis, terms of which can be discussed with HR. These are short coaching sessions to help employees improve their performance. This program will help reducing the leaves                                       employees take and enhance their retention.


Business Coaching

Business Coaching is for small to medium size Business people. The tools are designed for them to be clear on the vision, mission, short/medium/long term goals and help them stay motivated in achieving them.



I design my workshops as per the needs of the clients and add NLP tools into it. The topics are Personal Effectiveness Program, Influencing skills, Communication Essentials, Stress Management, Well-Defined Outcomes and the like.


Conversation with Mona

I offer short conversations on various topics like Gratitude, Forgiveness, Power of Positive Thoughts, Meditation, De-cluttering, Chakra Balancing, Forgiveness, Soul Contract, Self-Awareness. These conversations can be over Skype or in person. Also you can avail these conversations either one-to-one or in a group.


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