This is a vast topic. Today I am sharing my views on taking responsibility of our feelings. Whether it is a positive feeling like joy, love, bliss, happy or negative like anger, frustration, guilt, unloving etc. It is we who feel those feelings inside us. Outside factor cannot affect how we choose to feel.

If we feel angry on some situation or person, we need to check what is it in me that is unhealed that I am feeling angry on this situation or person.

Similarly, If we feel love for someone, it is our feeling, our responsibility how we feel. The other person has not contributed anything towards that. Yet we make the other person responsible for what we feel. Sadly, but true that the girls on whom the acid was thrown is the clear example for that. If a boy has liked a girl and if the girl doesn’t feel the same for that boy, how is girl responsible for boy to feel angry. Is it really a love or ego?

We need to make efforts to reach to a level where nothing outside us controls our happiness or unhappiness. If we simply observe ourselves whenever we are experiencing positive or negative feelings, we will be able to learn more about ourselves and react appropriately.

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