So many thoughts keep coming back and forth and we consciously keep forcing ourselves for the ‘solutions’. Do we really take out time to reflect back to these thoughts. Do we understand that these thoughts are an indication there is some learning we need to take.

What we don’t realise is that it’s the subconscious mind who is running the show. My research says that we store all experiences in the form of feelings in our subconscious mind from the time we are in the womb of our mother till the age of 12 years.

Each one of us store these emotions differently.

When we grow, these emotions decide our actions and reactions to our environment. So if you are feeling anger, frustration, disappointment, discouraged, submissive etc. the current situation is only acting as a prop for these emotions to come out, the real reason is an event in your childhood which stored these emotions.

These emotions create a belief in our subconscious mind and becomes our pattern which runs our lives.

Do you sometimes feel or see that

  • Clarity you are unable to reply back or
  • Claritysaying more than you should or
  • some unexplainable fear is gripping you or
  • pleasing people
  • feel like hiding in certain situations
  • unable to speak for yourself

These are just a few examples of the patterns behind which is the belief stored.

A trained coach or healer or other professionals can assist you to get to the root of it and release it. It’s a process. Lot of churning at the subconscious level needs to happen before you start streaming in the real emotions stored due to a particular event which on the surface looks so normal.

Once we become aware of our beliefs and how it has created our pattern, we start to learn to change it first at the conscious level and gradually it settles in our subconscious mind.

If this article triggers any thought in your mind, I shall be happy to address that.