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We are energy beings and connected to each and every living thing on the earth and on the entire universe. The 7 chakras in our body are the energy centers. Our each thought, word or action affects our chakras. Any negativity will pollute the chakras and will hamper its normal spinning, which in result starts affecting the physical organs surrounding these chakras. By keeping our thoughts positive and practicing gratitude, we keep our energy centers clean and attract abundance into our lives. The more cleaner our chakras will be, the faster we will be able to manifest whatever we want to manifest in our lives.


We often hear people say, I have not done anything wrong to anybody, why all the hardship comes to me only. The most important factor is to keep converting the negative chatter in our mind into positive and hopeful.


All our experiences create thoughts in our mind – positive / negative – for self or for others or in general. All these thoughts are stored in the form of feelings in our sub-conscious mind. All our actions and reactions come from these feelings, which we are not even aware of at the conscious level. Any thought with a mixture of feeling brings us more people and experiences, which contribute, to us to have more of that feeling. Everything happening in our lives at any given time is created by our thoughts. Lets say there is a vehicle broke down on the road causing huge traffic jam. At that time we need to observe as to what is in me that is causing this traffic jam. May be inside you there is a jam of thoughts and you are not getting clarity. Your this energy caused the traffic jam on the road.


Our mind doesn’t understand ‘time’. We can feel the pain or pleasure of any event even if it has happened 20 years ago with the same intensity as we associate events with feelings. In order to manifest anything in our physical reality, we need to believe with ‘feelings’ that it has already manifested. We need to repeat that in our mind atleast twice daily and do visualization exercise to support that. The more we see it in our mind’s eyes the faster it will get manifested. The more we stay positive, the faster things get manifested in our lives. Since, we store every event in the form of feeling, we should focus more on feeling while manifesting anything in our lives. The most important aspect here is ‘’our intention’’. The more clearer our intentions are and the more they are for bigger benefit; the chances of it get manifested increases.


Since our actions and reactions come from the feelings stored in our sub-conscious mind, we live a life with set pattern. This pattern makes us experience success, failure, joy, sadness, frustration, fear etc.


By identifying the current pattern and belief system, we can re-program our sub-conscious mind with continuous efforts and start manifesting things into our physical reality. With my coaching methodologies, I assist my clients identify their self-limiting beliefs and guide them to create new belief and anchor them into their sub-conscious mind.

Double Divorce : Taboo or Blessing?


Yes I’m divorced twice. Yes it took me a while to fully embrace this fact due to social conditioning. I’m proud of myself that I have had the courage to walk out of all kind of abuse the relationships were offering that too without any family support. I was aware I will have to face great deal of difficulties as I left my corporate job long back. After I left my second husband, I found myself on a journey of a long dark seemingly endless tunnel. All my identities which I gained after the birth on this planet earth started to vanish one by one and I reached to a point where I started contemplating-is it worth living! At one point I neither had enough money nor enough relationships not even good mental and physical health. I survived and I survived all of it. In loosing all the identities, I found myself. I realised that I never valued my own self, heck that didn’t existed in my reality, I didn’t know I was not valuing myself and that’s why I have been attracting people into my life who would do the same to me. 

During my journey in the dark tunnel, I surrendered to the Divine Power we call God and miraculously my life started to change. I enjoyed the first sign of change coming to me so much that I started to get drawn to explore more. We humans have the power to manifest whatever we want to manifest into our lives and we are not taught how to make that happen. As I kept surrendering, the light kept appearing, the light that was within me all the time. 

My journey within started with Buddhism to Pranic healing to Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and many more modalities that I kept learning and will continue to learn. I had questions, questions that how human mind work. Why do we do what we do? I have learnt and will continue to learn. I’m loving the person I’m becoming in the process. I’m loving the process of shedding the beliefs, patterns, thoughts that were instilled in me since my birth and beyond (time is an illusion). I’m now becoming an observer who not only observe people and things outside myself but also I observe my own self as well. 

So much more to shed, so much more to learn, so much more to observe. The journey continues beyond time and space.

Love you Zindagi (life). ❤️


This is a vast topic. Today I am sharing my views on taking responsibility of our feelings. Whether it is a positive feeling like joy, love, bliss, happy or negative like anger, frustration, guilt, unloving etc. It is we who feel those feelings inside us. Outside factor cannot affect how we choose to feel.

If we feel angry on some situation or person, we need to check what is it in me that is unhealed that I am feeling angry on this situation or person.

Similarly, If we feel love for someone, it is our feeling, our responsibility how we feel. The other person has not contributed anything towards that. Yet we make the other person responsible for what we feel. Sadly, but true that the girls on whom the acid was thrown is the clear example for that. If a boy has liked a girl and if the girl doesn’t feel the same for that boy, how is girl responsible for boy to feel angry. Is it really a love or ego?

We need to make efforts to reach to a level where nothing outside us controls our happiness or unhappiness. If we simply observe ourselves whenever we are experiencing positive or negative feelings, we will be able to learn more about ourselves and react appropriately.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

Do we Reflect back?

So many thoughts keep coming back and forth and we consciously keep forcing ourselves for the ‘solutions’. Do we really take out time to reflect back to these thoughts. Do we understand that these thoughts are an indication there is some learning we need to take.

What we don’t realise is that it’s the subconscious mind who is running the show. My research says that we store all experiences in the form of feelings in our subconscious mind from the time we are in the womb of our mother till the age of 12 years.

Each one of us store these emotions differently.

When we grow, these emotions decide our actions and reactions to our environment. So if you are feeling anger, frustration, disappointment, discouraged, submissive etc. the current situation is only acting as a prop for these emotions to come out, the real reason is an event in your childhood which stored these emotions.

These emotions create a belief in our subconscious mind and becomes our pattern which runs our lives.

Do you sometimes feel or see that

  • Clarity you are unable to reply back or
  • Claritysaying more than you should or
  • some unexplainable fear is gripping you or
  • pleasing people
  • feel like hiding in certain situations
  • unable to speak for yourself

These are just a few examples of the patterns behind which is the belief stored.

A trained coach or healer or other professionals can assist you to get to the root of it and release it. It’s a process. Lot of churning at the subconscious level needs to happen before you start streaming in the real emotions stored due to a particular event which on the surface looks so normal.

Once we become aware of our beliefs and how it has created our pattern, we start to learn to change it first at the conscious level and gradually it settles in our subconscious mind.

If this article triggers any thought in your mind, I shall be happy to address that.


It is very important for us to practice forgiveness. When we choose to forgive, we are not condoning the act of others. We are choosing to be more peaceful and charitable in our thoughts. It is very important for us to take responsibility of our lives. Whatever is our current state in all areas of our life, is a direct reflection of our own conduct. I am not denying the fact that people cheat, scheme etc. I am only stating here is that we invite such people into our lives to take learning/s. When we take learning and make certain changes within ourselves, we either stop encountering such people or we distance ourselves from them before they can harm us or we know how to deal with them. In nutshell, they can’t harm us.

One exercise of forgiveness is to write the name of all those people you thing have wronged you and you need to forgive along with the incident where you felt cheated or hurt. On the second sheet, write down the learning/s you got from that incident/person. Please note that learnings are like peel of onion, you may get many learnings. Sometimes, the learnings of the same incident may pop up in your mind at a later time when you are not even consciously thinking about it. Once you have finished writing, burn the sheet where you have written about the incident/person and preserve the learning sheet.

Do let me know how did you felt after doing the above exercise.

Benefits of Coaching

General Benefits

  • Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.
  • Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Strategies and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goal faster.
  • Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.
  • Explore and evaluate all possible options available.
  • Dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation.


Benefits to Corporate

  • Get rid of judgments/blame/negativity
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Improve relationships between employees
  • As part of Basic Leadership training
  • Increase sales and create stronger relationships with clients


Benefits to Individuals

  • Identify and overcome your limiting belief
  • Improve your competencies
  • Discover your subconscious blind spots and rebuild your subconscious positive belief
  • Uncover your tremendous internal strength
  • Reduced stress and greater life balance
  • Healing of strained relationships

Be Mindful of the words you speak and/or think

Thoughts are energies. Positive thoughts brings us positive energies and negative thoughts negative energies. These thoughts helps us raise or lower our vibrations. Our emotional state depends on the thoughts we think or the words we speak. We manifest things, people, experiences which matches our vibrations.

Have you heard yourself or someone else telling your/their stories and adding lots of negative adjectives to it for example I have ‘struggled’ a lot from this period to that period or that person is ‘fighting’ with critical illness etc.

Any illness as it is having its effect on our physical as well as emotional bodies. By giving it negative adjectives, we make it even more powerful. Louise Hay has beautifully defines how our thoughts are creating illnesses in our body. It happens because by repeating those negative thoughts, we are storing the associated negative energies which eventually becomes illness in our physical body.

Any illness or accident is a blessing in disguise. It’s an opportunity for us to look within and honestly figure out what thoughts / belief system we need to let go of. When we are narrating ‘our story’ with all the ‘feelings’, we are shaping our lives around those ‘feelings’ because we are not only narrating our stories, we are feeling those feelings in the present. Energetic cords are attached to that incident and that’s why we remain attached to those feelings and keep bringing more reasons to ‘struggle’ or ‘fight’ for life.

By simply accepting the situation and slowly releasing the associated thoughts, we start to heal our body and start to raise our vibrations. Gradually we not only improve our health, we start to manifest positive circumstances into our lives.

Please feel free to ask any further clarifications.

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